I am a strong believer in budgets.

Unfortunately I'‘m a bigger believer than I am a practicer (wheres the embarrassed monkey emoji?!) Its just really tough with all of the apps and “pay by touch” - nowadays online shopping has become a really easy way to shop, and its even easier to shop compulsively.

So I like to shop online, and i’m not very very wealthy, along comes AliExpress and it’s become my BFF. Once a month I allow myself to order $15 worth of stuff from the app #notsponsored and I’m always shocked by how much I get from it!

Now, ordering well from AliExpress is a talent, let me tell you! There is a lot a rubbish you have to sift through (I can say that because this is #notsponsered) and that takes time. There are basically 3 things you want from your Ali Order:

  1. Love it

    Actually love this product and it’s design/style/features. Its easy to just buy things you’ll never wear or use and we want to avoid that!

  2. Like it

    When your order comes in you don’t want to be disappointed by the quality, the best way to do that is know what it looks like on real people, in real life.

  3. L$ve it

    Girl you gotta get the best deal for what you’re buying! The same exact product can be priced at drastically different price points in a different “shop”. I wanna make sure we don’t fall for that trap!

I could write a whole post about how to order well by yourself, because its a real talent , like resume worthy. It takes practice and hard work (wish i was joking here) But I’m not feeling RN, so I’m going to give you one lazy tip -

Use tested links from bloggers

The best way to check all three criteria from your expectation list (love it, like it, l$ve it) is to get a test link from someone who’s taste you trust (hem hem) This way you know you’re saving time hunting and sifting, and you can simply order the best pieces for you!

I’d suggest checking out @DANIELLASHARVIT @SHOSHIIL5551 @MORAN_COHEN1983 and @OSHRATEITAN who are all Israeli bloggers/models with great links in their highlights.

There are a bunch of AliExpress accounts with great finds. Just search for them on insta, and they’ll start popping up with links of tested products.