Saying sorry may not be enough to fix what’s broken

It will take time, effort or even a goodbye, but sorry isn’t the super-word it used to be when we were in the playground. It cant always undo pain and heartbreak.

Except for when it is, and then it’s the hardest word to say in the entire language, but when do admit that you were wrong - a stress will lift off you and you’ll feel at peace.

On hard days

Sometimes the only thing you can do is soak in the bath and let the hot water heal you. 

There’s no such thing as JUST

You don’t JUST make a cake (it takes shopping and driving and mixing and baking and washing and cleaning and wrapping and more, definitely not a just) you don’t JUST design a logo (it takes an Epiphany, a computer, a charger, coffee, creative energy, a few hours, a sore wrist, more creative energy, a creative break, 8 changes and more, definitely not a just. You don’t JUST anything in life. So don’t ask for it, and don’t always say yes.

Your body won’t stay the way it just because it used to

Your body needs a kind moderation of exercise, food and water to preform well and make you happy. Work out from love, not hate. Eat why you need and take care of your body. It’s your most wonderful home ♥️

Being sad and worried are normal human emotions

even when they reach extreme places that give them the title of depression and anxiety. Don’t feel ashamed or scared of having these feelings! They are what make you a beautiful complex human being, just like everybody else.

Friendships don’t last forever, and that doesn’t mean they weren’t real.

Circumstances are the strongest bond to a friendship, be at a yoga class, a work place, or a neighborhood. Having mutual circumstances often bring human beings together and when those circumstances change the friendship will too. So treasure your moments, text and chat whenever you can.

Sometimes take out really is a good idea

Don’t stop reading after college

Learn about financial stability

Create and research that habits that will ensure you a less stressful future.

Sometimes life is just to chew, chew, chew

It’s like that for you, it’s like that for me, it’s like that from many others around you. Adulthood can be a bore sometimes, but with a bit imagination, Hard work and alcohol, it can be epic 😉