Hi friends! I’m Hadassa, and I'm so glad you found your way to this little corner of the web!

I never thought I’d have a blog, or website, whatever you’d prefer to call it. Life and instagram have sort of brought to a place where this snug little corner felt like the next correct step in this unpredictable, fascinating journey.

I live in Israel, and if you had to put me in a box (like only if you must) I’d go with Orthodox Jew.

I’m an okay mom, a happy wife and an underdeveloped creative.

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I think this is the part of the “ABOUT ME” page where I’m supposed to share why you and me are here and what this pages goals are. Truth is I’m going to have to leave it empty for now because my goals and dreams haven’t come to full form, and I’m cool with that if you are.

I just want this page to be genuinely real,

make you feel good about yourself, and inspire all of us to be the best Israeli citizens, Jews and humans we can be. Ugh that’s so cheesy I nearly barfed.

One thing I know about my writing style is that I’m terrible at wrapping a piece up. I like don’t really know how to end it off with that sweet smart twist style ending I’m supposed to come up with, so I think that in order to make this a pleasant none stressful experience for me I’m going to stick to “kk thanks bye”

Does that sound okay? Are we cool with that?

KK thanks bye.


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