What brings human beings basic happiness is fulfilling some sort of passion.

Some people find these passions in their jobs, some people find it in their social life, and others find it in their gardens. Humans really need to be pursuing some form of passion in order to feel happy. These passions can take up as little as 3% of our time, and thats all we’ll need to feel happier.

Women are expected to be nourishers. It’s in our blood and job description.

We are supposed to take care of our children, husbands, homes and kitchens. Now for quite a lot of women, nourishing is a PASSION. It makes them happy and excited to have a day full to the brim with nourishing tasks.

However, for other women, we can find ourselves watching these passionate nourishers love motherhood and ask ourselves -

What’s wrong with me? Why do i feel sad? 

We expect ourselves to love motherhood as they do, when really we are actually expecting our passions to shift because we’ve now birthed a human.

Because we’re so busy being mothers, we aren’t fulfilling our passions, and therefor many of us aren’t feeling as happy as we need to feel.

As soon as I learnt this, I starting pursuing other passions of mine,

actually giving them importance and time in my day. Swimming, creating jewelert, starting a business, getting sushi with friends and painting with my daughter. Now because I wasn’t looking to find happiness in my mamahood, it actually became far more lovable and enjoyable! The entire thing became so much easier and I know I’ve been happier.

I am a mother 

I am a nourisher

And I do other things too, 

lots of other things

for my families sake, and for importantly, for mine.