99 dinner ideas for the 9 days

Well, it’s not really 9 dinners, but let’s pretend it us just so we can legitimize the panic.

I wanna thank every follower who put their delicious suggestion into my little question box - my what empire we’ve complied!

Maybe for next year I’ll link a recipe to every idea - for now if there’s something that sounds interesting to you - google it, Pinterest it, but probably, it’s best look it up in the Tasty app 🤗😚😌

I hope this list overwhelms you more than the cooking during this time does - Bon appetite!

  1. Fish and chips

  2. Tuna patties

  3. Qinuoa filled potato’s

  4. Fish tacos

  5. Shakshuka

  6. Felafal salad

  7. Red lentil curry

  8. Moroccan fish

  9. Homemade sushi

  10. Pesto pasta with garlic salmon

  11. Hearty dairy soup with sour dough bread

  12. Cheese pretzels loaded with veggies

  13. Sour cream fish

  14. Salmon tacos

  15. Haloumi salad

  16. Homemade pizza

  17. Vegetarian taco night

  18. Tofu stir fry and rice noodles

  19. Salmon stir fry with egg noodles

  20. Stuffed sweet potatoes with chickpeas and tehini

  21. Sabich sandwich

  22. Spinach cannelloni

  23. Fish Finger salad with a fried egg

  24. Salmon and baked potatoes

  25. Spaghetti with cheese and black pepper

  26. Grilled corn and rice

  27. Fish fingers and garlic potatoes

  28. Mustard cornflake crumb salmon with roasted cauliflower

  29. Zoodles with Alfredo

  30. Lasagna

  31. Latkes and Omelettes

  32. Tuna burger patties with buns and fried egg

  33. Grilled fish with rock salt and lemon

  34. Niçoise salad

  35. Veggie Thai curry

  36. Greek salad

  37. Lentil soup

  38. Avocado toast

  39. Fried Mushroom in teriyaki on a scrambled egg

  40. Creamy cheesy pesto pasta

  41. Sushi salad

  42. Stuffed peppers

  43. Eggplant lasagna

  44. Mac and cheese latkes

  45. Pancakes

  46. Broccoli quiche

  47. Bean chili and tortilla chips

  48. Cauliflower and chickpea curry

  49. Tortilla pizza

  50. Faked ziti

  51. Penna ala vodka

  52. Honey mustard salmon

  53. Baked ziti

  54. Eggplant parm

  55. Sticky rice and mango

  56. Stuffed shells

  57. Zucchini dill soup

  58. Pad Thai

  59. Kale shakshuka

  60. Spaghetti squash

  61. Coconut rice and roasted veggies

  62. Eggplant boats with Israeli salad, tehini and boiled eggs

  63. Grilled cheese

  64. Anitpasti Salad

  65. Salmon poke bowl

  66. Cereal

  67. Cheese borekas

  68. Focaccia with grilled veggie toppings

  69. Tilapia

  70. Jacket potatoes

  71. Salmon croquettes

  72. Slow cooker coconut curry

  73. Eggplant Pizza

  74. Mexican bean tacos

  75. Fried tuna wraps

  76. Tuna pasta bake

  77. Noodle Tempe mix

  78. Cashew curry

  79. Over night oats

  80. Sweet Potato Ravioli in a Rosa Sauce

  81. Tomato Basil soup with small pasta

  82. Spanish omelette

  83. Sweet potato pie

  84. Eggs in a cup

  85. Potato and egg salad

  86. Haloumi fried rice

  87. Zucchini Quiche

  88. Taco soup

  89. Broccoli and tofu noodle stir fry.

  90. Chili cheesy casserole

  91. Ricotta Ravioli

  92. Fried egg in Moroccan cigar paper

  93. Tuna Steaks

  94. Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

  95. Egg in a hole in sweet potato latkes

  96. Salt and Pepper Parm Gnocchi

  97. Salsa Shakshuka

  98. Chow mein

  99. Cherry Tomato and Pesto Pasta

As you can tell I highlighted the dinners that looks super interesting to me, and that I hope I’ll be able to try this week.

Did you find something new and inspiring that you’re def gonna make? Tag me in your story so we all see how it comes out!