Instead of dreading the question, I’ve learned a way of answering that I hope will make some curious people less intrigued by my uterus

During drop off, my daughters Gannent came over to me saying that Halleli needs a sibling and asks me if I’m getting a move on.

I looked at her, and realized I had two ways of handling it.

One would be to smile weakly and just ignore it, or the other would possibly make her never ask me again. Not me or any woman, any time soon. So now what do you you think I went with 😉 I put a really sad face on and said “I want to so badly and it’s so hard for that I’m not” she went a little pale and said - oh, don’t worry, age gaps are great, it’ll all be fine and walked away as quickly as she could.

She was humiliated and uncomfortable and you know what? I wasn’t.

She was, because I was able to make it clear without being insulting, that she had stuck her nose somewhere it doesn’t belong. And I wasn’t, because answer I gave her isn’t entirely my truth. I’m not pregnant because of section 2 in my drawing. For my friend it’s section 1, and for a colleague it’s another one. Do you know what all of us not being pregnant has in common? That it’s no ones bloody business. That is simply it.

The only people who’s business your pregnancy is, are yourself, your hubby and your OBGYN.

So when someone who isn’t these three asks you an question that is none of their business- put them in their place. And next time you’re about to ask a woman if she’s expecting- ask yourself : am I her? Am I her husband? Am I her medical provider? If you answered all three of these with “no” walk up to her, complaint her earrings and make small talk for the rest of the evening. Because trust me. That’s all we need. You never know what someone is going through. Maybe the couple with no kids doesn’t want any, maybe they do but they want to wait awhile, or maybe they want to desperately but are struggling. I hate writing a post about “what not to say…”, but please, stop asking people if they’re pregnant; 

I promise, if or when we are we’ll tell you—when we’re ready.