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I’ve learned that in order to love being modest I need to love the way modesty makes me look.

I have been on a bit of a fashion journey for the past few months and I wanna share my conclusions with you

First bad habit: Yay this is modest! * adds to cart *

The truth is, it doesn’t work for my body type, it’s not my style or I own 6 of this exact shirt. I was feeling like I had plenty of clothes but I hated my closet and that wasn’t fun. So I started building visual ideas of what I wanted to look like. (Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest!) and then I would buy products that fit those looks. IE a funky jacket or a wrap skirt. A floral dress or a ribbed shirt. I held back and didn’t buy the “tight arm lose body” H&M shirt because it didn’t fit into my vision board of the styles I wanted to resemble.
When buying something

Instead: Ask myself - does this fit into my style standards, and my modest standards

and you all know the rest.

Second bad habit: Oooh this is cute! I’ll just wear it with a shell/skirt/entire outfit underneath

The truth is, I’ve now killed this look, I’m hot, overdressed and I’m going to change.

Instead: only buying items that gave me 100% of my modest standards coverage in all areas

The length of the dress, the sleeves and the frontal coverage. In the winter it’s more doable because layering is an excellent option. However in the 100 degree summer we’ve been having, one pieces are the only way.
Bye bye shells

Third bad habit: Kk so I just ordered this dress that blogger posted and I swear it wasn’t this boring in her post”

So here was my mistake. I was thinking clothes. And the blogger was thinking outfits.

And it was time to make that shift too.

It’s not about the clothes. It’s out the composition of your outfit

Adding a sweater or jacket, necklace, Sunnies, statement earrings, boots or gladiator sandals, bangles, and a clutch to any “boring” dress will make it pop. Invest in your outfit (IE accessories) equally as you do in your clothes.

You’ll see. It’s awesome.

Forth bad habit: This shoe will work with everything! what a perfect buy!

The truth is my closet doesn’t need another black boring shoe that matches 100% of my closet.

Instead: Dare, and purchase fun colorful interesting shoes

that cover 33% of the closet each so my outfits can get an easy upgrade.

This winter I tested the theory and bought one pair of funky boots. They were snake skin, with buckles and stuff and they were so far from my usual choice. Now let me tell you, those little booties turned my “black skirt, black leggings, big sweater” winter uniform into a fun outfit with groove.

Ever since I’ve been making bolder shoe orders on ASOS 😁 pinks and woven materials and sparkles are making their way into my closet and we are not complaining!